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Q House Of Basics is an Israeli fashion house that is focused on high-end basics that are defining piece of your wardrobe. Q has a strong foundation, weaved together by three generations of hard-working and ambitious women. From Shoshana, to Dorit, to Tal: Q blossoms and develops with every new generation. In the selling of 1960s Israel, Shoshana, a seamstress and sole provider of the household had a fanciful dream: bring high fashion inspired by Paris couture, to a still developing State of Israel. Dorit Sharon, who was raised and inspired by her beautiful mother, expanded on her mother's vision and adapted it to her design aesthetic. Dorit is a free spirit. She aspired to make clothes inspired by the casual flow of the places she has lived - Israel, California, Bali. She also knew that the high couture of Paris had to give room to functionality. And thus, Q House of Basics was born. Q became the answer to her dissonance between casual and elegant, comfortable and tension between couture and basics. She makes clothes that you can wear every day. Clothes for that part of your closet that you automatically go to. Those that elevate your outfit and boost your confidence. Clothes that are not only hand-made, sustainable, and high-quality, but also classic, luxurious, and tasteful. Tal Waksal based in New York; and Or Grossman, in London, run the business together with a global visions that inspires them every day to create this lifestyle based on attitude, style, and comfort. This is a multi-generational story of a clothing line that transcends time and trends. Although basics, these pieces are anything but ordinary. Timeless and ageless, they will never go out of style. Q is the 20% of clothing you wear 80% of the time.


Behind Q:

Q stands for Quality. We knit our own cotton to ensure a strength and softness that elevates every day essentials and is designed to last. Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard. We aim to be sustainable; from our fabrics to our packaging. For us, sustainability mean treating people and the planet with love and respect. It means producing our collections with intention, transparency, and longevity in mind. We are positive conscious at every step of the way. Our line is 100% Made in Israel by both Israeli and Arab workers. We believe that beauty and quality both, come from coexistence. Q aims to create a transformation and help build a better tomorrow, one step at a time.