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1960's Israel, Dorit Sharon was raised and inspired in Israel by her elegant mother, Shoshana, a seamstress and the sole provider of the household had a fanciful dream: bring better fashion, from the high of couture Paris to a still developing the state of Israel.

Q House of Basics is an unraveling story, weaving together three generations of women. From Shoshana, to Dorit, to Tal. Q House of Basics blossoms and develops with the flow of each generation.

Dorit expanded on her mother's vision and adapted it to her design aesthetic. Dorit is a free spirit. The high couture of Paris had to give room to functionality. The casual and free styles of places she has lived - Israel, California, and Bali – inspired her towards an answer to the dissonance. Dorit aspired to make the clothes that she would wear every day, that part of her closet she would automatically go to. But comfort cannot come at the expense of elegant aesthetics: style cannot be forgotten. For Dorit, it’s all about the combination and tension between couture and basics. From this tension, Dorit designs for Q House of Basics. Tal and Or run the business. This is the multi-generational story building an ageless, timeless line of clothing that you can wear anywhere and dance like everybody’s watching.

Tal Waksal & Or Grossman | Luxirous & Positively Conscious Clothing Store